Semi-Precious is a collaborative exhibition from Nina Elliott (VIC) and Rebecca Orchard (WA). The title of the exhibition is a play on the notion of value – which objects, routines, moments or outputs do we see as inherently valuable? How does our own context and proximity shape the weight we give?

For almost a decade the two have exchanged packages through the post. This pen pal ritual became the method that underpins the collaborative nature of this show. The process of this work has been very specific with one artist creating the beginnings of a piece and then sending it to the other to complete. This has culminated in a body of work dictated by the confines of the postal system, with its physical limitations framing and determining the output.

Nina and Rebecca’s union seeks to honour the devotion in detail. This work celebrates the intimacy of female friendship through tactility, shared mark-making and the ‘slowness’ of the handmade. Touching on elements of nostalgic crafts including handwriting, beading and still life with a subtle nod to the domestic, the two explore their long-distance friendship and the communication in between.


All art by Rebecca Orchard & Nina Elliott. 
Images by Rebecca Orchard.