Tracing The Terrain
house paint (paint colours Wilderness, Rose vision, Hedge Green, Mossy Road) on linen, soundscape, found foliage

Made as a site specific work for Noise Museum, curated by Alisa Blakeney.  

“Rebecca Orchard’s work moves us from the intimacy of the personal to consider the wider ecosphere. Her large-scale painting on fabric echoes the forms and flows in the natural world surrounding Point Heathcote. The enveloping folds of the painting cocoon the accompanying sound piece, as if woven together. This work responds to Bruno Latour’s call to be more sensitive, more responsive to the Earth we inhabit. It aligns sound with biological cycles, making audible “the loops of feeling, action, and thinking that weave us into the fabric of existence.”




Process images courtesy of artist
Installation view courtesy of P.S. Cheng